My trip to Whistler and Pemberton, August 12th 2000.

This is taken from 2/3rds the way up Blackcomb mountain and shows ski runs sans the deep snow that makes Whistler a great place to ski if you are a beginner.  The village is in the middle, where all the fun happens once the runs are closed for the night.

The Rendezvous' restaurant is only accessible by ski lift during the snow months... at least to us mere mortals.   On the right is Niki, my fearless guide to the wilderness of Blackcomb mountain and expert in the sciences of snow, vacuums, and four-wheel drive transportation. 

With the power of Detroit muscle under our rumps and 4-wheels-a-turning, Niki drove right up the face of Blackcomb into the nether regions of sky and sunshine.

When at last, we reached the top of the mountain, the clouds and sky were within our reach.  These log structures are only bare for 3 weeks out of the year.

The bones of the earth, rising up to meet the clouds ... below are runs usually deep in snow.   On the right is the glacier, which has only just closed to skiing for the season ... and yes, those clouds beyond it are about eye level.

In the distance, behind the mountain ... is lovely Pemberton, BC.  In the picture with Niki grasping a Spring Pale Ale, you can see the other side of the mountain.

How would you like to see this out your front door every morning?

The wildlife in Pemberton can be identified by its friendly grin.  This is Julian, a log-home builder who is quick with a smile, story or cold brew.  Beware the Pembertonians, they make it very hard to leave.